Friday, November 30, 2018

Not-A-Poll: Best State Premiers Of The Last 40 Years: Round 2 Results And Runoffs

For the past few months the mostly hopelessly socialist heathen who come here to admire the colour scheme have been involved in the selection of best state premiers of the last 40 years.  This month saw the runoff stage for those states that were not resolved in round 1 by absolute majority, and also the start of the consolation prize round for Coalition premiers.

We are not yet ready to proceed to the grand final stage because some young chap called Andrews was involved in a real election and I feared this could contaminate the vote.  The Victorian runoff will be in February to get a little distance from this result and meanwhile we can continue eliminating Coalition premiers.

In the meantime the winners of four of the remaining states and territories have been decided:

NSW Neville Wran 152 defeated Bob Carr 50
Queensland Wayne Goss 122 defeated Peter Beattie 73
Tasmania Jim Bacon 105 defeated Lara Giddings 84
ACT Katy Gallagher 119 defeated Jon Stanhope 52

These join Don Dunstan and Clare Martin in the final runoff series, which is scheduled to begin in March.

For Western Australia, Geoff Gallop and Carmen Lawrence tied on 97 votes apiece.  Normally I declare a tiebreaking procedure (which in the past has been firstly the leader on primaries at the last stage at which there wasn't a tie, and failing that the leader who was least recently in office wins).  However in this case I did not do this, so there is a runoff for Western Australia, and if there is a tie again the above will be applied.  The WA runoff will run for two months for sample size reasons, this being a quiet time of year.

As for the Coalition premiers and Chief Ministers, the following was the Round1 result for their runoff:


Total Votes: 236

Candidates Barnett, Marshall and Everingham are all eliminated for failing to reach the 8% threshhold and the rest continue to the next round.   The same tiebreak as noted above applies for the Coalition runoffs.


  1. You don't have a "none of the above" option Kevin. May explain why the number of votes is so low.

  2. Jeff Kennett hands down.

    Turned around the whole state of Victoria.

    Australian Holiday destinations
    1. Melbourne (1.5 million)
    2. Sydney (880,000)
    3. Brisbane (570,000)

    Any idea why Melbourne is so far out on top? Because of the reforms of the 1990s.

    Improving infrastructure in Victoria - City Link, Docklands including Docklands Stadium.

    Opening up the Melbourne city laneways and cafe culture and loosening restrictions on alcohol laws.

    All Kennett.

    Turned Melbourne completely around.