Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This is the probably temporary home of former Tasmanian Times psephologist Dr Kevin Bonham, who has quit the site as a psephologist and regular commenter over a moderation dispute after coming close to doing so several times before.  More advanced things will follow in the future, probably on different sites when I've had more time to explore, in the areas of psephology and discussion of Tasmanian and Australian politics and public life.  There might even be formatting or pictures someday!

People wishing to contact me by email about all this may do so at

A Twitter feed at will keep those on said service up to date with my movements, new articles and significant pseph releases.

You can also subscribe to this site via email at the bottom right of screen (scroll right down).

Comments are moderated for the time being and guest posting is hopefully disallowed.

My standards for moderation will become clearer over time but for starters, no block capitals, no strawmanning, no Godwin's Law violations, no defo, no plagiarism except of the Sisters of Mercy, no misquoting (do not use quote marks when paraphrasing), general swim between the flags sort of stuff.

Oh, and of course, some attempt to stay on topic, as rather loosely construed, may be required from time to time.

You're welcome.


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  2. This is sad news for me. I valued Dr Bonham's comments and I hope they will return soon.

    I have observed that Dr Bonham is, like myself, a precision writer, and in his case I've attributed this to the fact that his chosen field of psephology is an exacting science where exactitude is important, especially when it's presented in the public domain.

    I know from my own long experience in design electronics that any design which is found faulty must be corrected as soon as the error is discerned. Errors must be eliminated.

    This is entirely proper procedure for the integrity of the product.

    I would expect that any profession requiring everyday precision automatically makes one pedantic.

    Value lies within that precision.


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