Saturday, August 31, 2019

Not-A-Poll: Best State Premiers Of The Last 40-ish Years - Final Stage 2

A very long year ago today I started a new series of Not-A-Poll voting for this site's choice of Best State Premier in every state and, eventually, the whole country.  It's been going so long that some of the original contestants, including the current leader, are no longer in the original 40 year window, but I'm going to just retitle it and ignore that.

The votes are in for part 1 of the final for the state winners and the Coalition winner (the latter being an open-primary consolation prize on account of the roughly 80-20 left-right bias in readers on psephology websites).  And here they are:

Total Votes: 201

Dunstan always had a strong lead in this round, and in the early stages it looked vaguely possible that he might win in one go, but as the vote progressed he dropped back a little, while Andrews improved slightly as the voting went on.

There were three elimination rules for this round:

* The last candidate in each round is eliminated.
* Any candidate failing to poll 8% in a round is eliminated.
* Any candidate who could not mathematically win or tie from their position in a preferential election is eliminated.

Gallop is eliminated under all these rules, Gallagher and Martin under the second and third and Goss under the third alone (having been over the threshold with about four hours to go then getting excluded by 0.04% as a result of two votes for other candidates.)

Until the last week or so it looked likely that Goss would get through and Bacon would be excluded but Bacon was nudged over the bar by, of all things, his son Scott resigning from the Tasmanian Parliament, causing a wave of interest from Tasmanian readers in the upcoming recount.

Anyway I was not sure any one candidate would dominate stage one to the extent that Dunstan did.  The threshold for stage 2 is raised to 15%, save that if the winner of stage 2 does not make 50% then second place will go through to stage 3 as well.  Voting is open in the sidebar for two months.

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