Saturday, April 28, 2018

Not-A-Poll: Worst PM Of The Last 45 Years

It's a little bit later than I intended but I've now found time to kick off the Worst PM Not-A-Poll as a sequel to the Best PM series that I ran for several months.  Voting in the sidebar, below the Prosser Not-A-Poll.  The first round will run until the end of May.  The rules are:

* this is intended as a shorter exercise than Best PM, so if there is not an outright majority in round 1 there will be a runoff between the top two only.

* in the case of a tie to get into the runoff, the PM who left office first will progress to the runoff.

* in the case of a tie in the runoff, the PM who received the most votes in round 1 will be deemed Worst PM.  If the two tied in round 1 as well they will be deemed equal worst.

* in the event of obvious or highly likely stacking by a single person I will deduct votes and declare changed results as I deem necessary - any changes will be logged as soon as I decide them.

* Gough Whitlam is not included as he won immunity by winning the Best PM Not-A-Poll series.

I do ask that people vote honestly.  It's common for supporters of political parties to automatically demonise the current PM while their party is in opposition, or the most recent PMs of the other side while their party is in government.  That said, you might honestly think the person that line of attack implies is the worst, and if that's the case, go for it.  (And no, this site doesn't make or break careers at federal level at least, so please don't vote for anyone on that basis.)

Worst PM will be followed by Worst Opposition Leader.


  1. John Howard. He set a precedent for bad economic management.

  2. On the basis of their destruction of Australia,

    Worst PM: Howard
    Worst OL: Abbott

  3. One of the difficulties with the Opposition Leader poll will be distinguishing between those who respondents think were hopeless for their parties, and those who respondents think were very successful opposition leaders for their parties but hopeless or destructive for the nation.

    The way I'm going to do the Opposition Leader poll is to split it into two sections running at the same time - one for those who have not as yet become PM and one for those who have served as PM. That might shed some light on those two different categories. There will be a final between the winners of each section.

  4. Went with Howard, as Abbott wasn't in for long enough to seriously screw things up, while Howard was in for over a decade, and screw things up he did. Not to mention the war criminal stuff.

  5. I see Kevin Rudd has voted 7 times so far.

  6. Tony Abbott by the length of the straight. Her clearly did not understand the Charter of budget honesty, He broke promises he never should have made and was a national embarrassment