Saturday, March 3, 2018

Election Night Link

I'm on The Mercury live at . It's paywalled (unknown to me beforehand as I didn't ask, but I believe you can sign up for $1 for 28 days if you can't see it.)  Coverage will start sometime between now and 6:30.

I may make comments now and then on Twitter: @kevinbonham but my efforts will be mainly devoted to the Mercury site.  I am happy for people to pass on my comments from the site.

My condolences to the friends, family and political colleagues of Dr Vanessa Goodwin, who passed away today. I did not know Vanessa personally but had great respect for her.


  1. you can get past the paywall by clicking on the twitter link

  2. How long until the final button push?

  3. (Count should finish around Friday week)

  4. When will the preferences start to be distributed?

  5. Last time they started throwing surpluses about 8-9 days after.

  6. Why does it take so long? Surely most votes are counted? Or do they have to wait for all postals?

    1. The latter. Ten days for postals. After that the preference throw takes only a couple of days.