Friday, May 18, 2018

Cable car catch-up

Not everyone notices when I post links to updates on the sidebar, so for those who read from the top, just a very quick note that I have updated my old article on polling on the proposed kunanyi/Mt Wellington Cable Car following the release of two new polls by groups opposed to the project.

I thought I'd highlight this with a note at the top because I'm actually mildly annoyed about it.  Up til now it has only been the prospective developers of the cable car through time who have engaged in the usual silly commissioned-poll games involving misleading polls with biased preambles.

Now it's both sides.

If you respect the mountain, you should also respect the facts.


  1. At least this (uni project) poll at announces itself as "Non-representative". Not sure if that is an accurate description.

  2. That is quite an interesting site. Thanks for the link (and apologies for the sloooow comment clearance, Blogger are having problems with comment notification and I keep forgetting to check for new comments.)